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I have an MS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I was involved in tech and software for many years. In 2005, as an avid bird-watcher, I became heavily involved in debunking a high-profile, but bogus “Ivory-billed Woodpecker” rediscovery that opened my eyes to the problems with blindly trusting “peer-reviewed science”.

Jack Hitt of the New York Times wrote about my ivory-billed woodpecker work in his book “A Bunch of Amateurs”.

A meteorologist pointed out lots of parallels between that woodpecker debate and the climate change debate to me, and I have been debunking climate change/energy claims almost daily since 2007. First on Blogspot, then on Twitter, then on tens of podcasts on YouTube here (and on many other platforms).

My podcast guests have included Richard Lindzen, Will Happer, Marc Morano, Judith Curry, Carl-Otto Weiss, Valentina Zharkova, Ivor Cummins, Malcolm Roberts, Christopher Essex, Carol Roth, Henrik Svensmark, Nir Shaviv, Ian Plimer, Dave Collum, Mark P. Mills, Patrick Moore, Ross McKitrick, Willie Soon, Susan Crockford, Peter Ridd, Donna Laframboise, and Christopher Monckton.

I'm the producer of Martin Durkin’s brilliant “Climate: The Movie”, released in March 2024.

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Climate/energy podcaster. Producer of Martin Durkin's 2024 film: "Climate: The Movie". Twitter: